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Our Experience - Why You Can Trust Us

  • 25 years’ experience of riding / modifying motorcycles of different sizes / types.

  • Initially road riding leading to many European Tours and Track Days.

  • Then discovered dirt bikes, Green Laning and the TRF.

  • Started competing in the SEEC Local Enduro Championship achieving a class win and numerous finishers medals.

  • Still competing in Local and National Enduros and Hare & Hounds some 20 years later, and still loving it.

  • Discovered the joys of off-roading big bikes 13 years ago on a BMW 1200GS, thank you Mr Pavey!

  • Acquired and modified a BMW HP2 for European off-road trips and Enduros.

  • Completed the TAT (Trans American Trail) on a KTM 690 Adventure R.

  • Competed in UK and International Rallies in Morocco and Greece. Most recently, the Hellas Rally on a KTM 1090 Adventure R which was then ridden back from Greece to the UK via Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and France.

  • Current race bike is a KTM 790 Adventure R, which spends most weekends at Enduro Practice Days.

  • We have ridden off-road across America, around Iceland, and in the Isle of Man, Wales (countless times) and around England. As well as at events in France, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Morocco.

  • We have in depth personal experience of riding and racing KTM 690, 790 & 1090, BMW 1200GS & HP2.

  • We have excellent connections and friendships with all the main providers of Rally Support in the UK.

  • We have a constantly evolving network of parts suppliers and specialists whose products we have tested and have faith in. Especially with Unit 31 and the incomparable knowledge and experience of Chris 'Corky' Cork for KTM 950 & 990 Adventure and Rally Bikes.

  • We are a member of the Heavy Enduro (HE) Race Team.

  • ACU qualified Off-Road Commercial Coach (Enduro).

  • HSE First Aid qualified.

  • Having had the last few years frustrated by Covid, 2023 has been a busy year catching up:

    • Group of 7 desert training in Morocco in March 2023.

    • Group of 8 at the Illyria Raid in May 2023.

    • Recce of the TET and ACT routes around the Pyrenees in conjunction with our local contact in June 2023.

    • Trips that had been planned to Spain and Morocco for Q4 2023 were amended at the last minute following the earth quake in Morocco, and instead took place in France, Spain, and Portugal.

  • Plans are forming for 2024:

    • Returning to the Illyria Raid with a group in May 2024.

    • Taking a group of rallyadventurebike clients on our 'Desert & Mountain Adventure' in Spain in June 2024.

    • Taking a group to compete in the Greece Rally in September 2024.

    • We will be organising a trip to Salisbury Plain trail riding - date tbc.

    • We will be organising a trip to Norfolk trail riding - date tbc.

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