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Rally and Adventure Bike Training

We have a great deal of experience with the options for big bike training and for some time have been happy to recommend providers with whom we have had direct experience.

In addition we are now very proud to provide rider coaching in-house from our own Adventure Academy. We have access to sites in Kent and Sussex, so for anyone based in London or the Southeast we are much more accessible than the traditional schools in Wales (which can save some not insignificant travel, accommodation, and time costs).


We make no claims to compete directly with those established and extremely impressive manufacturer connected Training Schools, but we have access to some fantastic venues and we offer a relaxed and more personal service closer to home. 

The range of courses we offer is as follows:

Action Trax Adv Bike practice day.jpg

Our Level 1 to Level 3 courses are designed to suite different levels of confidence and experience, but are always tailored to those taking part on the day.


Focusing on personal priorities ensures that the training is always relevant, and is always great fun!


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Practical skills for preparing and packing your bike for Adventure:


What tools to carry, how to effectively and confidently carry out emergency trailside repairs, dealing with fluid leaks, towing and being towed, jump starts, puncture repairs.


How to minimise the risk of water crossings and what to do if they go wrong, and how to deal with running out of fuel.

Hellas rally KTM 690 training_edited.jpg

Choosing a competitive Rally and completing it successfully.


Which event to enter, how to prepare your bike and yourself, the options for getting to the start line and support throughout the event, signing on and scrutineering.


Racecraft - how to manage your bike and yourself in order to reach the finishing line.


Navigation - an overview of the equipment needed.

The theory and the practice of navigation by roadbook.


Explanation of the equipment needed, including paper v's digital. How to load a paper roadbook, what the different fields mean and how to use them in conjunction with a trip meter.


Students are provided with a list of standard symbols, a strategy for how to mark up a roadbook, and practical advise for what to do when it all goes wrong!


Roadbook practice rides also available by request.

​From the very first foray off-road to competing in international rallies, we have the knowledge and experience to help. We focus on safety and efficiency from which comes confidence and (should it be desired) speed.


Our Head Instructor is an ACU qualified Off-Road Commercial Coach (Enduro) and has a great deal of experience with, and a particular passion for, big bikes. 

There is always an HSE First Aid at Work qualified individual on site and we hold all the appropriate insurances.

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