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Course Dates

Please use the Booking Enquiry form towards the bottom of this page to enquire about course dates. The information you provide will help to confirm the correct course and the most appropriate venue.

Rider training dates are shown below. If the date you would prefer is not listed please make a request via the Booking Enquiry form and we will do our utmost to accommodate your preferences. Regrettably Sundays are not possible.

Adventure Ready, Race Ready, and Roadbook Training courses are held periodically according to demand, please register your interest via the Booking Enquiry form below.

Next available Adventure Ready course: Saturday 1st June


Rider Training Dates

Wednesday 1st - BOOKED

Friday 3rd - BOOKED

Saturday 4th - BOOKED

Monday 6th - BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday 7th - BOOKED

Wednesday 8th - BOOKED

Saturday 11th - BOOKED

Monday 13th - BOOKED 

Wednesday 15th - BOOKED

Thursday 16th - BOOKED

Saturday 18th - BOOKED

Tuesday 21st - BOOKED

Wednesday 22nd - BOOKED

Friday 24th - BOOKED

Saturday 25th - BOOKED

Monday 27th - BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday 28th

Wednesday 29th

Thursday 30th


Rider Training Dates

Saturday 1st - ADVENTURE READY

(spaces available, please ask)


Monday 3rd

Tuesday 4th

Wednesday 5th - BOOKED

Saturday 8th - BOOKED

Tuesday 11th - BOOKED

Wednesday 12th - BOOKED

Friday 14th - BOOKED

Saturday 15th - BOOKED

Monday 17th - BOOKED

Wednesday 19th - BOOKED

Thursday 20th - BOOKED

Saturday 22nd - BOOKED

Tuesday 25th 

Wednesday 26th

Friday 28th - BOOKED

Saturday 29th - BOOKED


Rider Training Dates

Wednesday 3rd

Friday 5th

Saturday 6th - BOOKED

Tuesday 9th

Wednesday 10th - BOOKED

Friday 12th

Saturday 13th

Monday 15th

Tuesday 16th

Wednesday 17th

Thursday 18th - BOOKED

Saturday 20th - BOOKED


Tuesday 23rd

Wednesday 24th

Friday 26th

Saturday 27th

Monday 29th

Wednesday 31st


Rider Training Dates

Thursday 1st

Saturday 3rd

Monday 5th - BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday 6th

Wednesday 7th

Thursday 8th

Friday 9th - BOOKED

Saturday 10th

Monday 12th

Wednesday 14th

Thursday 15th

Saturday 17th

Tuesday 20th 

Wednesday 21st

Friday 23rd

Saturday 24th

Monday 26th - BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday 27th

Wednesday 28th

Thursday 29th

Saturday 31st


Rider Training Dates

Tuesday 3rd

Wednesday 4th

Thursday 5th

Friday 6th - BOOKED

Saturday 7th

Monday 9th

Wednesday 11th

Friday 13th

Saturday 14th

Tuesday 17th

Wednesday 18th

Friday 20th

Saturday 21st - BOOKED

Monday 23rd - BOOKED

Wednesday 25th - BOOKED

Friday 27th - BOOKED

Saturday 28th - BOOKED


Rider Training Dates

To be confirmed

Please subscribe to be

informed as soon as

dates are released


Rider Training Dates

To be confirmed

Please subscribe to be

informed as soon as

dates are released

If the date that is your preference is not shown above, please use the enquiry form below to get in contact, we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.


Dates for months in the future will be released in due course. Again please ask if you have a particular future date that you would like to secure. 

To receive notifications when new dates are released, please subscribe

For any requests, please use the Booking Enquiry form below or email us

Booking Enquiry

How did you hear about us?
Which course, or courses, are you interested in?

Thanks for getting in touch!

We will get back to you soon.

Rider Training Prices

The cost per person varies according to the number of people on the course - either book with friends or ask if it is possible to join a group of similar ability. Please see below the price per person per day for different coach to student ratios:


1 to 1  -  £275              1 to 2  -  £225

1 to 3  -  £195              1 to 4  -  £185

Prices include land access, ACU qualified instructor, and insurance.

Other Training Prices

Adventure Ready, Race Ready & Roadbook Navigation:


£265 per day

Prices include land access, ACU qualified instructor, insurance, and

use of our tools & equipment as appropriate..

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