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Rider Training

Available in three levels to cater for different quantities of experience and confidence.


We keep group sizes small, a maximum of 4 students to a coach, and ensure that all those participating are of a similar level.  By doing this we can tailor the content and guidance to the individuals, making the day the most relevant and the most fun! 


All our rider training is carried out on private land in order to maximise safety and ensure a suitable variety of terrain. Our rider training is conducted by ACU approved instructors who are also First Aid qualified. 


Please see typical content for the three levels below:

Beginner off road adventure bike training in kent, sussex, and surrey

Level 1

  • How to adjust your bike's controls for off-road riding.

  • Optimising the bike's electronic assistance systems.

  • How to get on and off your bike on uneven ground.

  • How to minimise the possibilities of getting stuck or falling over.

  • Techniques for picking up a motorcycle.

  • When and how to sit and stand.

  • Introduction to clutch and throttle control.

  • Introduction to accelerating and braking.

  • 'Get out of jail for free' turnarounds!!!!

Big bike motorcycle training for off road adventure and rally competition

 Level 2

  • Advanced mounting and dismounting techniques.

  • Vision, machine placement, and picking lines.

  • Stuck bike recovery techniques.

  • Advanced clutch and throttle control.

  • Advanced accelerating and braking.

  • Seated cornering and standing cornering.

  • Dynamic body positioning.

  • Pre-loading the suspension.

  • Introduction to ruts.

  • Introduction to up hills and descents.

  • Making use of momentum.

  • Skids!!!!

technical skills for adventure bike riding and rally bike riding in kent, surrey, and sussex

Level 3

  • Advanced ruts, including deeper ruts and how to change ruts.

  • Advanced up hills and descents, including how to turn on a slope.

  • Lifting the front wheel.

  • Obstacles including logs and ditches.

  • Riding across off-cambers.

  • Whoops.

  • Techniques for crossing rivers.

  • Discussion and exercises about how to ride in sand (unfortunately there is not much sand in the Southeast, but we can simulate it)..

  • Whip turns!!!!

  • Power slides!!!!

Please note that the above gives indicative content for the three levels. The items covered and the rate of progress is always tailored to those attending the course on the day. It is generally not possible to cover all the items in a single day, but we will make sure that we address fully those that are a priority to you.

Rider Training Prices

The cost per person varies according to the number of people on the course - either book with friends or ask if it is possible to join a group of similar ability looking to achieve the same results. Please see below the price per person per day for different coach to student ratios:


1 to 1  -  £275              1 to 2  -  £225

1 to 3  -  £195              1 to 4  -  £185

Prices include land access, tuition, and insurance.

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