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1. Essential Protective Equipment

These are the items of protective equipment that are mandatory. Nobody will be allowed to ride without them. If at all unsure please do not hesitate to contact us - we are here to help.

1.  Essential Protective Equipment

All riders must wear full face helmets to EC2205 or the equivalent whenever in contact with a running motorcycle. Helmets may be road type full face, or with a locking 'flip' style chin guard, or motocross full face. Open face helmets of any type are not permitted.

Eye protection must be worn at all times. This may be the visor of a road helmet, or goggles in conjunction with a motocross style helmet. You will get hot, and it does occasionally rain even in the garden of England, so a pair of safety glasses is a useful backup to help maximise cooling airflow and minimise the risk of fogging.

Gloves must be used whenever riding. We recommend lightweight motocross style gloves (even in the depths of winter) as they give great feel and we will not be riding at high speed and getting cold. Lightweight summer leather or textile road gloves are also suitable.

Boots are the most important item of safety equipment and must be rigid motocross style. Lace-up boots, soft trials or adventure boots are not suitable.

If you have any concerns as to whether what you have is suitable then please do not hesitate to call / email us to discuss. Please do this at the time of your booking so that we have plenty of time to reach a solution.

We have safety glasses, gloves and boots available to hire. Please confirm your glove size (eg Medium), or your boot size as a European size (eg 46) at the time of booking. We not able to hire helmets.

Please be aware that we will check the items above and that nobody will be allowed to ride without this minimum standard of safety equipment. No refund will be provided for anybody who has not provisioned for these standards.

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